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The mission is simple but ambitious:

“You have a need and we think of everything.”

Screenplay, direction, editing, post-production, video installations, but also makeup and costumes service: in our company there are several departments that can act independently, if requested by the customer, but are able to work with an integrated and systemic organization to transform your idea into a successful video production.

PixelCake is the new planet of communication, where everyone can find the opportunity to make visible his world, with different modes of expression and communication, many media and languages that can reach everyone.


PixelCake s.r.l.

Viale Manzoni, 53
00185 – Roma

phone   +39 06 8693 8157

mobile  +39 328 7112170

mail       info@pixelcake.it

P.I. 14337911003

“You have a need and we think of everything.”